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Monday, April 24, 2006

and We Will Win

"Texas belongs to the people, not to the corporations."
~ James Stephen Hogg

According to recent studies and reports, a small number of insurance companies dominate the health insurance industry through virtual monopoly power. [Health Insurers Are Near-Monopolies :: Associated Press] However the average Texan doesn't need an academic research study to know that health insurance companies control his or her health care decisions through almost unlimited corporate power and greed. The average Texan lives it.

The Big Oil tycoons and their protectors in the White House and State House tell us that the high prices we pay for gasoline are the inevitable results of mysterious Market Forces over which they have no control. They also tell us that the staggering, record profits the tycoons are raking in are likewise the results of those same mysterious forces over which they have absolutely no control. But I say different. And I say the people are way too smart for the liars' continuing lies.

The sellers of homeowners and auto insurance are reaping record profits - 44 billion dollars in the past year, an increase of over 18%. This is happening at the same time that the companies have a huge increase in claims from the recent rash of calamitous hurricanes. How could they be paying out so much more to customers and yet increasing their profits so enormously?

Further, Texas consumers continue to pay the highest premiums for homeowners insurance in the nation - with no competition between insurance companies and no relief in sight.

Texas air and water has the worst toxic industrial pollution, including the deadly nerve system destroyer mercury, in the country - with nobody in state government taking aggressive action to protect Texas children from polluted air and water.

My fellow Texans, have you ever heard of corporate government? That's when we have government of money, by money, and for money. The first line in the United States Constitution begins with "We the People," not "We the Corporations." Similarly, the Texas Constitution is ordained by "we the people of Texas;" not "we the wealthy and powerful monied elite."

If you think nobody is minding the store on behalf of the people, you're right. If you think nobody among our state's executive officers is protecting the people, you're right.

If you think the Texas Attorney General should be a watchdog for the people, you're right again. If you think our current incumbent Attorney General, Bushite Republican Greg Abbott, is not watching out for the people, you're very right. If you think Abbott is a Bushite corporate mouthpiece, you're so right.

My fellow Texans, I am making an uphill race against Greg Abbott and his millions of corporate dollars because I take it as my personal responsibility to do everything I possibly can to rid us of the corporate stranglehold on our government and the sold-out public officials who are part of the strangling team. I want my children to flourish in a Texas of free citizens with free choices in their lives, not of indentured servants to corporate masters, where the corporate masters' political puppets stay in power forever through rubber-stamp substitutes for free democratic elections. As Attorney General of Texas I will possess the tools with which to knock out corporate government and restore government to its real owners, the people. You will have a people's lawyer who will fight for your rights and liberties.

It will be a tough, uphill fight to overcome Greg Abbott and his millions in this campaign. Abbott and his Bushite consultants will throw more mud and vicious lies my way than 40 dozen pairs of hip boots could wade through, but with your support I will do it. Then when I'm Attorney General it will be another tough, uphill fight to dismantle the power elites' chokehold on Texas, but with your support I will do it. Together, we will fight these battles and we will return government to the people of Texas. We're Texans and we love a good fight. We'll fight the powerful on behalf of the people 'til hell freezes over, and then we'll fight 'em on the ice. And we will win.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

rise up and abandon the creeping meatball!!!

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