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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What I Mean by Consultantocracy

Yesterday the chief political writer of a major urban daily newspaper asked what I meant by "consultantocracy". This is the answer I gave him:

You ask what I mean by "consultantocracy".

The consultantocracy is the collection of unelected operatives who direct Democratic Party strategies and tactics from behind the scenes down the path of relentless failure. The consultantocracy operates in inherent conflict of interest because it is
both advisor and vendor, continually advising Democrats that the way out of the wilderness is simply to purchase more of its wares, although the strategies, tactics, and programs it sells continually lead to failure.

The consultantocracy's methodology is to reduce the processes of democracy to data, numbers, and the marketing of political candidates as packaged products. The consultantocracy teaches Democratic candidates and party officers to follow carefully programmed scripts and formulae in lieu of speaking and acting from the heart. The latter teaching is essential for the consultantocracy to be able to control the candidates' behaviors in order to conform to the packaged image that the consultant is carefully marketing.

Through these processes, the consultantocracy comes to control the political process and the candidate becomes a prepackaged product without passion or authenticity. The citizenry, sensing that it is getting packaged products rather than authentic public servants, increasingly disengages from the political process.

It is most amazing that Democrats continue to pay the same operatives over and over again for the purchase of strategies and techniques that turn self government into marketing, wreck democracy, result in continuing failure at the ballot box, and benefit nobody but the consultants, who cry all the way to the bank.

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