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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Selling our Borders to the World's Hot Spot - Bushite Hypocrisy Exposed

It's been well known for a long time that the Bush royal family is tied at the hip to the kingdoms of the Arabian Peninsula. Nevertheless many well-meaning and good-hearted citizens were unable to see it thanks to being incessantly bombarded with Bushite propaganda by the embedded corporate media.

This time it's too open and obvious for anybody not to see. The Middle East is the world's hottest and most dangerous trouble spot, and the surrounding kingdoms and dictatorships are directly in the line of fire. The idea of contracting out the management and security of major American ports to a non-democratic Arabian Peninsula kingdom right in the world's worst hot spot is intolerable. Just like grassroots people everywhere, the ordinary people of that region are by and large good and trustworthy people; but their governments have no business managing the security of American seaports.

Do Texans have a direct interest in the question of handing over control of major ports to the United Arab Emirates? You bet they do. Some of the affected ports are in Texas. Do Texans have a say in this? You bet they do. Under Article 4, Section 22 of the Texas Constitution the Texas Attorney General, supposedly the people's lawyer, has the power and the duty on behalf of the people of Texas to safeguard against abuses of the public interest in the control of Texas wharves.

Answering my letters is too hard for Greg Abbott, since he refuses to answer my letter requesting what he is going to do about turning over Texas highways to the control of foreign corporations under his crony Rick Perry's nightmare toll road schemes (where the Attorney General's responsibility to protect the people comes from the same provision applicable to wharves.) Call Greg and ask him what he is going to do on behalf of the people of Texas to stop the contracting out of our public wharves to the United Arab Emirates. The Attorney General's telephone number is 512-463-2120. Don't be bashful; give him a call. After all, the office he sits in belongs to you.

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