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Monday, January 16, 2006

A New Revolution

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When the American Revolutionaries proclaimed government by the consent of the governed in 1776, they did not intend for future Americans to be ruled by autocratic executive power. Yet here in 2006, our government has been hijacked by gangsters who care not about the stirring vision of government that was willed to us by our revolutionary founders.

It is clear that the gangster Bushite machine is hell-bent to subvert the Constitution. It is also clear that we cannot depend on Washington political insiders of either party to save it. Too many of them are too invested in the established order. We the grassroots people have to do it. There is no mystery as to what each of us as individuals and all of us as community can and must do. This is an election year. We have to remove the gangsters and their allies from every office, directly and specifically. Each one of us needs to select one or more campaigns, whether of candidates or of political organizations, take grassroots ownership of the campaigns, and devote everything we can to victory. I have selected my pathway; each must select theirs.

And the gravity of the Constitutional crisis demands that we do more than win specific elections. We must also transform the political process and replace it with what the founders intended. It is up to us, the grassroots American people, to rebuild self-governing democracy the way it was meant to be: every citizen a 100% equal part owner of the government, and government serving the people.

We have to do it right this time, and dismantle the whole corrupted political culture that led us down the path to Bushite government. We have to restore democracy to its owners, the people. No more of government by glad-handing lobbyists. No more of installing into public office lying hustlers who only want to use government to enrich themselves and their cronies. No more of government by pollsters or marketing consultants. No more government of, by, and for self-serving political-corporate power elites of either party and their entourages of professional operatives. Our government does not belong to them.

Our government belongs to "We the people" who talk in straight lines, who say what we mean, who struggle through our daily routines, and who believe in our Constitution to give us a fair chance. We have the power to restore it. We do not have the luxury to indulge in cynicism, discouragement, or defeatism. We have only barely the time to fight to take it back. We have no time to waste. Our forebears fought and won a revolution to establish government by consent of the governed. We have to fight and win a revolution to restore it. Fight through our grassroots campaigns, candidates, and organizations. Fight through our voices, our pens, our keyboards, our money, and our feet. Fight all the time, fight every day. Never give up, but fight, fight, and fight some more! Fight 'em till hell freezes over, and then fight 'em on the ice.

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