ELECT THE PEOPLE'S LAWYER: David Van Os, Democrat for Texas Attorney General

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

San Antonio Toll Party Endorses David Van Os For Texas Attorney General


"If elected to serve as Attorney General of Texas, I solemnly promise that I will use every legal means available to me by that office to bring to a halt and/or invalidate the unconstitutional and illegal project known as the Trans-Texas Corridor."
~David Van Os, from written oath filed in public records at county courthouses

David Van Os' candidacy for Attorney General has been endorsed by the San Antonio Toll Party, a leading non-partisan grassroots citizens' organization in the statewide efforts to stop the state government's current plans to seize Texans' private lands and property through forcible eminent domain for the construction of giant toll roads that will be operated by wealthy private companies from Spain.

Toll Party Regional Director Terri Hall of San Antonio stated, "Mr. Van Os is committed to stopping the Trans Texas Corridor and urban toll road debacle. He sees the total disconnect between government and those they're charged with representing. He's a fighter and has filed sworn affidavits vowing to fulfill his promise to stop the privatizing and tolling of our public infrastructure. ... Mr. Van Os is featured in a documentary film 'Truth Be Tolled' http://www.truthbetolled.com where his comments at TxDOT public meetings brilliantly codify everything that's wrong with this Governor's transportation policies and how we the PEOPLE can stop it."

Van Os has completed 247 of his planned campaign stops at every one of Texas' 254 county courthouses. He files in the public records in each courthouse a written oath of his intention to stop the Trans-Texas Corridor. He began his 254-county trek in April.

Van Os stated, "The Trans Texas Corridor is a monstrous explosion of greed and arrogance. It represents a profound disrespect for Texans' lands and properties. It is an insult to the very character of our beautiful state, and Texans everywhere are outraged."

Van Os continued, "Article 4, Section 22 of the Texas Constitution mandates that the Attorney General shall do everything necessary and proper to prevent any private corporation from demanding or collecting any species of toll not authorized by law. The contemplated magnitude of forcible eminent domain, coupled with the magnitude of the billions of dollars of profit for the European companies, in my opinion makes this abominable project unconstitutional in Texas. If elected to serve as Attorney General I am going to use every legal means available to me by that office to bring this unconstitutional project to a halt."

"I'm placing my intentions in the public records, in writing and under oath, because I want my fellow Texans to know exactly what I intend to I want them to know that I mean what I say," Van Os further noted.


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