ELECT THE PEOPLE'S LAWYER: David Van Os, Democrat for Texas Attorney General

Monday, July 24, 2006

Van Os blasts Abbott as "a dishonest partisan political hack."

Statement of David Van Os concerning Greg Abbott's partisan court action on behalf of Tom DeLay and the Texas Republican Party:

"I'm not going to be polite about Greg Abbott's latest actions as a lackey for Tom DeLay and his other cronies of the corrupt Republican Party establishment.

"By intervening on behalf of the Republican Party and Tom DeLay in asking the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse the U.S. District Judge and allow the Republican Party to replace Tom DeLay on the ballot, Abbott is brazenly using the tax dollars of all Texas citizens in the cause of pure partisan cronyism. Further, Abbott is telling a bald-faced lie about his justification for intervening by falsely claiming that the District Judge held a Texas law unconstitutional, when the judge did no such thing.

"The flagrantly partisan map that Abbott recently presented to the federal court in the Texas redistricting case as his recommended remedy for the Voting Rights Act violation that he previously defended is another, simultaneous demonstration of Abbott's disgraceful abuse of public authority for the private gain of his silk-stocking Republican social clique. In attempting to deprive the clearly Democratic-voting Travis County of any Democratic Congressman, the partisan Republican power-grabbing quality of Abbott's plan is even worse than the Tom DeLay plan that triggered the redistricting lawsuit in the first place.

"Both of these Greg Abbott actions involve Abbott's connections to Tom DeLay. This should not surprise anybody, since Abbott is a documented member of DeLay's inner circle, as demonstrated by the presence of the indicted DeLay associate John Colyandro on Abbott's payroll as a senior advisor at the same time that Colyandro was serving as a bagman for DeLay and TRMPAC.

These actions are not mere blunders on Abbott's part. They are willful abuses of authority by a dishonest partisan political hack. It is what happens when Bushite Republican politicians like Abbott get drunk on political power just like their patron in the White House."

posted by snarko! at 11:58 AM

Blogger mpunfun said...

Greg Abbott IS a dishonest partisan political hack. There's no doubt about that.

I simply LOVE seeing his photo ops turn into nightmares every single time he goes to defend his good ole buddies and gets poured out. How embarrassing! Do they believe that they own everything and that these outlandish displays of partisan politics will actually garner them votes? Or is it simply arrogance or free campaign publicity?

You would have thought Greg would have learned his lesson after that unfortunate Harriet Miers photograph that came out in every paper in the nation the day before she withdrew her nomination for the Supreme Court, but NO.

THANK GOD HE HAS SUCH PATHETIC CAMPAIGN HANDLERS. They are going to handle him right out of a job.

12:27 PM  

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