ELECT THE PEOPLE'S LAWYER: David Van Os, Democrat for Texas Attorney General

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

David Van Os on Overhauling Child Support Enforcement

Throughout Greg Abbott's term as Texas Attorney General I've been appalled at his rank exploitation of children and human tragedies. During the nearly six months' time that I've been touring Texas and visiting with people in every part of our state, I have listened to many of my fellow Texans and learned many things about real people's real concerns. The time has come for me to speak out against Greg Abbott's outrageous exploitation of children for political purposes.

In the hands of Greg Abbott, the Texas child support enforcement program is primarily a source of statistics for him to use in order to congratulate himself in his frequent self-praising press releases. It is an outrage for this slick public relations hound of a politician to use children and distressed family situations in such a manner, and especially to do so on the taxpayers' dollar through the Attorney General's personal print shop.

Every day scores of people affected by the program -- both custodial and non-custodial parents -- experience crisis and panic because either (a) as a custodial parent they are not receiving their child support payments, causing severe economic distress for struggling single parents and their children, or (b) as a non-custodial parent they are erroneously classified as "deadbeats," causing the loss of liberty and/or devastating financial consequences when they are not in fact delinquent in their support obligations.

In case after case, the affected individuals make panicky calls to the Office of Attorney General to find resolution, but then sit through a series of automated voice-mail menus and cannot find anyone to help them. I know this because I have met many of these good Texans -- at almost every stop in my whistlestop tour of Texas, victims of Abbott's unresponsive system have approached me and pleaded for help. In 247 counties across the great state of Texas, not one time has anyone told me the system worked for THEM. The stories people have told me of being abused by a system that is supposed to provide sustenance for the children are appalling and consistently the same -- they were disrespected, insulted, demoralized and degraded. They are suffering and even worse, their children are suffering. If the Attorney General were doing his job the child support system would reunite more families, but instead they are ripped into further shreds and the emotional and financial damage caused by distressed relationships is further compounded.

Greg Abbott brags about statistics because statistics are all that is important to him; the individuals and their circumstances do not matter. Instead of working WITH parents to help them provide safe and loving environments for their children, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, Abbott chooses instead to use our society's tragic level of human anguish in these situations as a political bragging point that reflects the warped value system of an ambitious career politician for whom human beings are nothing more than fodder for his ambition. To cite the gross dollar amount of child support collected tells us nothing about how individuals are treated, it tells us nothing about the accuracy of collections, and in fact it tells us nothing about the percentage of debt owed that was collected. But it does tell us that the incumbent attorney general is a nonstop public relations machine and self-promoting career politician.

The child support enforcement program needs overhauling and with the help of other honest public servants I will overhaul it. Both parents matter in a child's life and as Attorney General I will do everything in my power to help these human beings through a painful and emotionally draining time by properly addressing each person's rights and responsibilities, instead of simply meeting the mandated "goals" while leaving a trail of human destruction from Texarkana to El Paso and from Dalhart to McAllen. This will be a long-range project and there is no immediate "quick fix", but I am equal to the task.

In my tour of Texas many conscientious local government officials have given me constructive ideas for possible solutions. Early in my term as attorney general I am going to convene a conference of interested local government officials from all over Texas, not to be lectured to, but to be listened to as we brainstorm together for long-range solutions. For example, it may be that some or all of the centralized bureaucracy in the Attorney General's office should be disbanded and some part or all of the program be returned to the counties and districts, where government is closer to the people and generally more responsive.

To deal with the immediate emergencies of the great number of individuals whose crises are not being addressed, when I take office I will immediately establish an office of live ombudsmen with the responsibility to talk to the callers in person and to follow through with rapid investigation and resolution of complaints. While Greg Abbott claims to have an ombudsman unit, the truth is that every caller who contacts the ombudsman division, if they can wade through the voice-mail menus, is immediately referred back to the child support unit where their problems began. Not on my watch.

When you pit one parent against the other in a manner that compounds the conflict, you cannot help but further wound the children involved. This must stop and it must stop now. It is my belief that most parents honestly and genuinely want to do right by their children. Under my administration, each and every parent will be afforded that opportunity to step to the plate, accept responsibility and work together to support their children in every way -- financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Those parents who refuse to act in their children's best interests will be compelled to accept financial responsibility through the strict rule of law. If they are defiant of their responsibilities on my watch the official response will be extremely tough. But under Greg Abbott's administration, emotionally and financially distressed parents are not encouraged or given real opportunities to work together constructively for the sake of their children. All is fine with Greg Abbott as long as he gets the statistics he thinks he needs to promote his ambitious political career. Abbott's promotion of himself through the exploitation of children and human tragedies has to stop now. When I am Attorney General, children -- not politics -- will be the most important priority in child support enforcement.

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Anonymous John Keim said...

Everything you have stated is so true. It is high time to get those Repugs out of office and run them of town. I mean ever since I can remember, they were always crying because they were the minority. They finally got what they wanted, and look what has transpired in six short years. Within six short years we're within inches of total ruin.

8:07 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michigan is in the same boat with the same kind of Attorney General. Pray for the families because Michigan has no new Sheriff running for the families or the childrens best intrest.

8:42 PM  

Blogger Dee said...

David - I am so in your corner! Coming from the labor movement, I was able to see you in action. You are truly a person who cares about people. So, there is no question in my mind that you would take care of the families who use the child support system.
You have two certain votes in November IF THE ELECTRONIC VOTING SYSTEM IS NOT SCREWED UP!

9:45 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray that you will do the right thing for the thousands of parents out there who have been wronged by the AG's office.

My husband paid without fail directly to the mother for over 9 years. One day she wanted more and went to the AGs office and asked for a review. Without any warning, the CSE office garnished his wages for not just the current order, but BACK SUPPORT for the previous 9 years...no verification, no way to stop it until court almost 4 months later. They ruined his credit, they put a lien on his properties and included his social security number, date of birth, address, driver's license number on the internet for everyone to see. This was before he even was able to go to court and prove this money was not owed. They still kept 360USD or so of arrears that he never even owed, and will not refund it back to him. They have advised to wait 7+ years to get a refund on that money. We have a special needs child whom I FULLY support...While he made less money we didn't have additional children, as we understood his priority at the time of his first child...but once he had a greater income, for which he could now afford to have another child, the CSE office took it all away from him again. Again, I fully support our son, and in many instances even my husband because of the ruined credit, etc...that the AGs office has caused him. We moved out of the state and when he began making more money he visted his daughter 6 times in one year...now he has no money left over to vist her after he pays CS and some basic bills. His pay is based on commissions and therefore, it changes drastically from one year to the other...yet the AGs office advised that was not their problem and caclulated the new CS order on the highest amount possible...even though he could prove through 6months of paystubs that the current income has almost 1/2 of the previous year's income. Needless to say, he pays 450 in CSE, and receives only about another 1200 to live on when we have another child who is special needs...His ex wife has his daughter on her insurance for which she pays NOTHING due to the fact that she has her current husband and other two children on the policy as well, yet the AGs office made my husband pay an extra 50USD a month in insurance for the daughter...which has caused us to have an insurance policy which does not cover our son because of us being out of the state/country...so our son now has no insurance, and his daughter has DOUBLE insurance, however, only the mother's insurance is used...and it's not costing her anything to insure her...

This has to stop. There are so many people out there who are good parents and the AGs office didn't care one bit about them.

Just a side note, I wrote the same AG's office months later, as I found out that the same woman who took my husband to court for an increase, is married to a "TRUE DEADBEAT" and they have the same address, the state of Texas has liens, etc...out for him as well, and even though they have the same address, same last name, public records show they are married, etc...they have YET to catch up with him...

How can they possibly assist a woman to increase CS and not be smart enough to determine that her now husband is a deadbeat? This woman has moved at least on 11 ocassions to help her husband avoid paying CS to HIS previous two children...yet the AGs office can find my husband who has always paid on time, without even going through the courts or wages being garnished...It's a shame what these people have at the CSE offices.

11:52 AM  

Anonymous Sandi M - Dallas, TX said...

Praise God and David Van Os. Finally a politician that is telling the TRUTH. The Texas OAG under Greg Abbott and his band of Costellos has taken gross neglience to an all time HIGH. Never in ALL of my years of witnessing CROOKED politicians has there been one more evil and self-centered than Greg Abbott.

If I have anything to do about it and I do as a registered voter - Greg's days on the gravey train will be coming to an end. I wish he could be prosecuted for all of the pain and suffering he has caused my family.

His kangaroo system allowed the deadbeat dad to become 19 THOUSAND DOLLARS in ARREARS. All the while knowing exactly how to located him - he has his own business and has lived in the same residence.

Instead after years of run around and insults by his "administrative staff," I got upset and used a few choice words of my own. RESULT: Nope they didnt go after the dad - they came after me and REMOVED themselves from collecting on my case. But that is an oxy moron (just like Greg) because how can an agency remove themselves from providing services they never provided in the first place.

YOU GO DAVID - all the way to the winners circle and all the way to AUSTIN with my blessings. All I ask when you get there is PLEASE LET ME COME AND PACK UP GREG'S BELONGINGS!

I'll miss Greg like I'll miss a hemorrhoid - nothing more than a pain in the . . . . .

5:18 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a republican but I am a conservative first and a non-custodial parent. What I find outrageous is the lack of accountability on the custodial parent of a child. My daughter is raised by a mother that only cares for the money and not for the daughter. I have gone to the government, but like the mother they only care for the money. I am also shocked to see how the government forces the non-custodial to earn and income yet does not force the same on the non-custodial parent. It's high time both partners are forced to work and the government to lay down the law. AND if the custodial refuses then the noncustodial should get the benefit of claiming that child on his taxes and some sort of benefit. Because right now fathers are almost always on the losing end of the stick. I am furious over how fathers are dealt with like we must be finanically punished while the mother gets tax free money and the ability to claim the child for taxes.

Will you address the injustice dealt to fathers/non-custodial parent? If so i will vote outside party lines for you. I WANT CHANGE!

I'm sick of feeling like my party does not care what conservatives say about child support and illegals in this nation.

Borders,Language, and Culture.A

7:37 PM  

Blogger mpunfun said...

Yes, sir. David will. I assure you. I have discussed this at length with him and the first thing he plans to do upon being elected is to create a TRUE ombudsman division who will review each and every problem case and sold them, no matter what it takes or what it costs.

You may think you are a Republican, but what have they actually done for you lately? In fact, what have they done for you at all?

6:19 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im a single mother raising my son with no help from the father, and basically what I keep hearing is that it is okay for his father to show up as he please even though he doesn't pay child support and Im constantly being told because they can't locate him, he is never held responsible even though I see him on a daily basis he drives a Lexus but doesn't have a job(you figure out what he does).In my opinion we should'nt have to keep telling these fathers to pay their child support put them in jail and throw away the key I am appalled that you think that a deadbeat dad has rights.By the way I am not on any kind of government assistance.

4:54 PM  

Anonymous April said...

I am the single mother of a 10 yr old boy with autism. I get no child support and he has been court ordered to pay for 8 years. He has only been to jail for this once. Upon release he paid payments for three months and I was ordered to let him see my son when he had been absent for 5 yrs. To an autistic child this is a great disruption and emotional distress. So after 3 mos of him seeing his "daddy" every other weekend the visits ( and the child support ) STOPPED my son has not emotionally recoved and continues to ask in an autistic distress " daddy coming back? " its sick that against my better judgement I was forced to subject my son to such abuse. I am now owed over 20 thousand dollars in back child support and treated like dirt by the AGs office. I have been to court missing work a total of 5 times over the last year and he hasnt had to come because he has not been served by them and HE has rights !!! what about the rights of my son???????? April

2:58 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Child Support systems needs major change now! AG child support offices could care less about the children of Texas. All they care about is money!

9:25 PM  

Anonymous Karen said...

My husband is a non custodial parent who has paid his child support without fail for the last 22 years. He recently started receiving letters from the AG office that he was in arrears. After a full day of runaround he was finally told the matter would be cleared up and he would be receiving a letter stating that fact. Last week he received a letter from the AG office stating that he was being reported to the Internal Revenue for collection of nearly $30,000 in back child support. They will not admit to there own mistakes or even do the courtesy of checking for an actual error on their part. In July, I filed a complaint on the AG "child support interactive" website. That month's payment was sent by them to the wrong party and it took 3 weeks of daily calling by my husband to get the payment to the proper party. Something must be done about the total breakdown of communication with this very important agency. This upcoming election is very important to the people of Texas. Government must again become accountable to the people it serves.

8:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am shocked at some of the stories here. I thought my friend was maybe in the minority as far as OAG's office is concerned. Friend's ex is NCP - a bungled court order set her support from $ 1338 a month to $ 97. It took over a year to get it straightened out. NCP was given two years to repay the amount owed. In one years time the amount he owes has now actually doubled!! He pays whatever he wants whenever he wants which continually adds to the balance owed. The OAG's office does nothing as far as enforcement is concerned. Her case has been in either legal or enforcement status for over two years!! He made one substantial payment that later ending up bouncing so the AG's office rather than collect the debt from him just takes half of whatever measly amount NCP decides to send in giving her even less money to take care of their four children. He no longer provides health coverage as court ordered (hah..that is a joke..court ordered!!). Mom put them on her plan which of course now decreases her funds available to take care of the kids. She continues to get the shaft. She is on NO public assistant and needs the AG's office to send NCP a clear message that supporting his children is NOT an option!!

10:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a single parent who has been to court over 15+ with attorney children for child support for enforcement he works a job a few weeks quits or gets thrown in jail or pin he gets out they take him back he make 1 to 2 payments he carries a commerical driver license I thought they would take it he 40,000+ I feel failed by the system

11:19 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Supporting your children is NOT an option? Ah yes, those CSE xxx at the CSE office need to hear that...since they feel that my husband's first child deserves all of her daddy's money and our son, who is special needs, doesn't deserve a penny of his daddy's money.

By the way, to the person who stated that the AG in Texas says her husband owes 30K??? Go online, more than likely you will also find out as we did, that in addition to the mistake, which took months to correct and has actually never been fully corrected, the AGs office has published my husbands social security number, date of birth, driver's license number, full name and address on the internet public records...ah, yes, you heard that right...so, make sure you call now the credit bureaus and begin putting your husband credit reports on fraud alerts for the rest of your life...

Yes, they did this to someone who has never owed a penny!

11:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel the same way as many of the other posters. Within 30 days of finding out that I "might" have a child, I scheduled a dna test. When the test came back positive, I began making payments to the mother and I CONTACTED THE AG TO SET UP THE SUPPORT PAYMENTS. What did they do? They charged me back child support, put a claim on my credit report, garnished my checks, and kept my tax return. Well done. Now if someone runs my credit report I look like a deadbeat. I have since paid off all of the back child support. I called the AG's office to get my credit report cleaned and they said, "we don't do that."

11:41 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a custodial parent who really has a DEADBEAT parent who lives out of state. Apparently, all you have to do to avoid paying child support in Texas is cross state lines and not use your own social security number for anything. You essentially disappear, at least to the Texas AG's office. I filed a claim with them in August of 2002 and JUST in July of this year finally have a criminal non-support case filed. Now that doesn't mean they actively pursue him, they just wait for him to get a speeding ticket in the other state, where he can bond out and disappear again. He owes over 36,000 for 5+ years and is not even on the DEADBEAT web site. Greb Abbot's billions he claims to have collected are from W-2 wage earner garnishments. If you're not easily found and garnished, they don't collect a darn thing. I'd like to see the stats on how much UNCOLLECTED child support there is...

On the other side of this story, my current husband keeps getting notices that he owes money and his ex-wife has written them and told them he doesn't owe her anything. He's always paid. Two years ago I took them canceled checks showing where he had paid her, she agreed, they adjusted the amount. Now they've "merged" two accounting systems or got a new one and now iit's back to the way it was and they want US to fix their problem by proving for the third time that we don't owe ger anything. She's writing another letter and we can only hope they get it straightened out by tax time.

No matter what side you're on, they suck.

6:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I am a single mother owed seventy thousand in back child support !!!! I am pissed off I have been to court over four times in the pass year only to hear the judge say nothing but mean things to me and reset the case over because no one seems to be able to find him. I got so mad the last time I went to court I made a t-shirt that read" I want my fucking childsupport" and wore it to the court room I knew what the drill was going to be we can't find him and really we are not looking for him. I owe it to my child to not let her pain and suffering fall on deaf ears I will be fighting for not just my child but all children to better the system. So look for me wearing the shirt and others who really back you and we look forward to seeing you on your watch.

10:52 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>>Unfortunately, most of the angry comments from non-custodial parents are the very people who are forced to pay because they refuse to pay "voluntarily." The others are the ones who wanted to have possession of the child(ren) but did not or could not get possession of the children. The custodial parents' comments who complain would complain about anyone in elected office. People like this want someone else to do it all for them, no patience or consideration for public servants. They will be the ones to complain about lines in a grocery store, the ones to complain about crowded parking lots and busy intersections. They complain, but have no solutions. They can hire a lawyer to represent them, but won't. It is a good bet that most of those individuals don't run their own businesses or have to deal with the public in any meaningful way. Most of these people care more about themselves than than the children they are responsible for under the law.

7:11 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a parent that is in a situation where I recieve as a custodial parent 200.00 a month for my child and my husband in my second marriage has to pay to his ex wife who dropped him as a husband to marry immediately a registered child molester because as she puts it her ex (my husband now) is a horrible father. She makes 90,000 a yr, her deadbeat new husband makes 40,000 yr and now that my husband is (layed off-unemloyed )at this time has had the AG give her 300.00 a month during his unemployment phase for his two children of not so poor a household income. I in turn make and support my son and husband at this time with 28,000 yr. By the time we pay to the AG to pay to his well to do ex 300.00 a month this leaves me out of my child support 100.00 to support my son while she gains additional vacation money to spend. Most of these funds of CS do not go to the children unless the income on that side is low. From being on both sides I have learned and will admit that the non custodial parents are treated like criminals. And by the way in response to ignorance of the one who wrote that people who haved to pay CS are just complainers and can always get a lawyer- well where have you been ? You definitely must not make under 40-50,000 a yr OR you have no children to support in money outside of the others in your home. It takes alot of money to get a lawyer and the AG is the custodial parent's lawyer and they have a private one too. I feel from being on both sides that incomes need to be calculated from BOTH sides not just the noncustodial parent's side. If the AG or ex's out of demise ruin one of the parents, how does that look at the welfare of the child involved. And when does one persons child's life become more important than any other when it is not necessary to ruin the other parent due to the custodial parents high income. There is alot of abuse in the AG system that is allowed today--whatever happened to the child's welfare and not the EX's welfare . We need someone to run this office with real dignity and honesty and look at BOTH incomes before deducting all from just one. Gaining custody of your children should not be a free welfare check to gain a family more savings, it is meant to help the children who need help from the mothers/fathers who are custodial and really NEED it.

3:27 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the person who stated the following:

Unfortunately, most of the angry comments from non-custodial parents are the very people who are forced to pay because they refuse to pay "voluntarily." The others are the ones who wanted to have possession of the child(ren) but did not or could not get possession of the children

Unless you know the situation of those here, do not judge.

At least in our case, you are 100% INCORRECT...VOLUNTARILY paid direct for 9+ years...has NEVER attempted to get custody, even when child wanted to leave CP home...At that time, NCP discussed with CP and tried to make the situation at CPs house better, as he knew that it was just a child's angry at mom kind of thing...So, don't judge...You have NO IDEA what NCPs go through.

An THIS is the reason the good NCPs are judged and treated like garbage by the AG's office...because of people like you who have NO CLUE as to what these parents have done or not done, yet you automatically judge because of your own circumstances.

7:35 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

NCP - pays child support for 2 children and have a child at home with my 2nd wife whom has not had any luck with employment for over the last 10 months. The unbelievable is that I work forty plus hours a week and an emergency such as this, after taxes, insurance, and 401k I am left with only an average of $200 to $300 take home pay. I can't afford a phone but my children have cell phones. I can't afford rent but my ex-wife has a $160,000 new home. This goes on and on. This is not about child support, these days are about m o n e y. SO I figured I work 2 jobs, don't see my other 2 children. Take care of my family and my home and hope for the best. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE, Child Support needs a MAJOR overhaul also services for the NCP and on site counseling. My wife stated that her unemployment check is more than my weekly check. I love my children and I love to support them financially but I also want to enjoy life with my children instead of them just coming over and spending some nights and days at my home.

7:55 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that Greg Abbott is just interested in numbers and just winning cases and doesn't consider any circumstances or treat every case on the facts and on an individual basis. He doesn't care about the people. My husband was convicted on 2 e-mails and is definitely not a predator, is a first time offender, never tried to lure a child and never went on any website, but was just exhanging the child porn for the adult porn which was still wrong. My husband has worked with children for years and has never received anything but praise from the parents and the children. He is 55 and has numerous health conditions and issues. He received 5 years. I am not pardoning what he did because it was wrong. There are actually predators out there loose who have already molested a child and were given probation and now are out there molesting and killing children. I do have a problem with that. They harmed a child and since it was tried by the State rather than the federal, there is probation. They shouldn't receive probation. Even in the papers you see federal officials tried on child porn and who received deferred adjudification and probation because I guess they were federal employees or state employees. Something definitely wrong with this picture. I would vote for anyone who is running against Greg Abbott. It seems like the law protects violent criminals more than first time non-violent criminals. You certainly have my vote.

2:06 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just voted for you and it was the first time i voted democrat!
I just came from court and since the ncp was a no show for the second time in 2 months nothing is getting done although the case worker assured me at the last court
date a 106 ruling would be issued and on the next court date we could proceed without him! well after waiting another 3 hrs with a room full of explsive people with no where to sit I was once again told the same, but they did not even have all their paper trail of what previously had happened! The system in place is incompetent!!!! It makes no sense he will eventually get to pay what is owed out when i have to pay it up front and he makes triple of what i do!!!! I hope you win and stand by your word!!!!!

3:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am curious as to why the CP's income should be looked at. That has nothing to do with how much the NCP should be paying. If they have a 190,000 home and you don't and you're angry that you have to pay them child support- here's an idea... get a better job.

12:23 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:19 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with the AG's office. I am a custodial parent, the NCP is in arrears, and he is a running - garnishment shows up, and he quits.

I have called several times and the AG's office folks were able to be polite, let me know how the system would work, and what I could expect. I understood that this was a benefit of government and as such, my choice to do it for free and not hiring a lawyer at $250 an hour to do it for me meant that I would have to deal with some bumps and waits and lag times.

I feel for the people that "need" their ex's money to support their child - I am lucky that I don't. BUt what I wish that CP's would realize is that the state of Texas is performing a service that, normally, we would all have to pay for - this is a civil matter. We're getting it for free, and the ex's are held accountable - just see what happened to the NCP's that were wrongly held to task by the state. It's not the state's fault our ex's don't care about their credit rating, or warrants, or supporting their kids.

Yes, it needs to be overhauled in some ways - but it's a government service being provided to millions of people at no charge to you when, frankly, it doesn't have to be. You get what you pay for.

8:18 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no doubt there are many non-custodial parents are entitled to child support that has not or will not be paid. As a first wife with a child from the previous relationship, as well as being the second wife dealing with a custodial parent, I am sensitive to both sides. Having said that, I am astonished a custodial parent can make fraudulant, sworn complaints via notorized affidavit, without ramifications when found to be fraudulant. A non-custodial parent can make any claim to CSED, while no formal investigation is made to solidify the claim is in-fact factual. A non-custodial parent's credit report is reuined and garnishment occurs without proper cause! My family has found ourselves in just this position! Not only have all payments been made, we've over paid and would rightfully be entitled to credit! Regardless of all evidence provided supporting the claim, CSED Caseworkers would not return calls, response to fax communication or 1st class letters. What happened to civil rights and an American citizen being innocent until proven guilty? A vindictive custodial parent can sware to any figure pulled from the sky, while the non-custodial parent is garnished wages and NOT reimbursed when fraud has been proven! REFORM IS NEEDED!!!!! Please call upon me if I an help in any way, shape or form!!!

1:15 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow I have dealt with the AG Child Support Division and I can tell you that they have a multitued of problems that need to be resolved.
1. Their computer system is inheriently defective, it needs to be fixed, this will cost a few million but it has to be done.
2. Just like goverment there needs to be some check and balances. Quality Control, these case workers have too much power and act on their own without verifying any information.
3. The AG's office needs to be held to the laws, they operate on paradigms and pay little attention to the laws governing their operation.
4. The law needs to be changed so that when you are being run over by the machine you have some legal options.
5. I've been in thier court, with their judge, the AG gets what ever they ask for and absolutely no proof of anything was entered into evidence. In most cases the respondent never got to say a word and if he had a lawyer, he didn't get a chance to present a defense.
6. Going to court getting an order is just the beginning of your trouble, when the AG's admin staff get hold of it that is when they and their defective computer system start the real trouble, and their is no recourse and of course they will never admit a mistake or go back and make corretion to your credit report or file or send a correction to the court file or your employer.
7. The basic principal they operate on is Intimidation and Ignorance. They try to scare you and depend on you be ignorant of the laws.
8. For every dollar I pay in child support the Fedral Goverment feeds the AG Machine 66 cents, At $877 a month they should appreciate me more.
9. They do their best on new paternity cases and yes they helped my step daughter and for that I am grateful. MY wife's ex owes money they do nothing. I owe nothing pay on time and get hounded like a serial killer.
10. Why can't some of that Fed money be spent to help NonCustodial parents with visitation and issues with the AG Machine?

3:09 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter lives in Waco, Texas and has had custody of her two children from this man since 2001. Now him and his mother hae somehow been able to take my grandkids out of the school my daughter had them in and enroll them in the waco charter eoac school. This happened while they were having therevisitation this past weekend and then did not return the kids. My daughter went to pick the kids up today and the cops would not let her take them. How is this? I have called the district clerks office and they say there is no c ourt dates files or anything else filed since papers were drawn in 2001. Not only that but this so called father has not payed child support and has been in and out of prison and jail. Yet the county still has not files a warrant for his arrest for non payment of child support. I have gone through everything i know how and still can not figure how this boy and his mother are able to kidnap these children re enroll them sonewhere else and My daughter can not get them back????!!!!! Can anyone please help?? This is truly an injustice. The system is so scre-d> Robbye

2:51 PM  

Anonymous child support enforcement said...

child support enforcement ... Advice to those fathers who are concerned about child support.

2:14 AM  

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