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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Don't Build Walls; Just Enforce the Law!

The Bush administration prosecuted less than ten (10) employers nationwide last year for violating laws in the employment of undocumented immigrants. As a loyal Bush Republican, Greg Abbott does absolutely nothing about corporate employers who violate these laws.

Employers who pay substandard wages to attract undocumented immigrant workers harm everybody. (1) Those employers foster disrespect for the rule of law, (2) they undercut the wages and living standards of American workers, (3) they create unfair competition for law-abiding employers and workers, (4) they exploit the economic desperation of the undocumented immigrants, and (5) they place increasingly massive burdens on communities that are struggling to provide services.

The Texas Attorney General can do something about it. Twenty years ago Attorney General Jim Mattox aggressively enforced our laws and assessed severe penalties against employers who broke labor laws to attract and exploit undocumented workers.

But as a loyal Bush Republican, Greg Abbott does not believe in prosecuting corporations, so he does absolutely nothing about corporate employers who violate the law in the hiring and employment standards of undocumented immigrants.

posted by snarko! at 2:35 PM

Anonymous Cody Wells said...

The Berlin Wall that we as Americans denounced so much for so long was, however, a solid wall completely separating East Berlin and the Soviet Nations from West Berlin and the remainder of the Free World. A fence along our border would not be 100% closed. It would allow for immigrants to come into the U.S. legally, aquiring all the major public benefits as us natural-born citizens. The fence would only discourage illegal entrance. Your proposal to instead bust law-breaking employers is a good idea, however, I am going to have to hear a more elaborate reasoning behind not supporting the idea of a fence being built. Aren't there more pros than cons to the fence?

Thank You for you provision of information.

Cody Wells
Stephenville, TX

4:47 PM  

Anonymous David Van Os said...


Thanks for your feedback.

People in the Rio Grande Valley are in an uproar over the idea of a fence along the border. Retailers don't want it because of the economic effect, ranchers don't want it because of the eminent domain aspects, other people don't want it because of the disruption of the border way of life which has existed for many decades. Valley mayors are speaking out heavily against it.

People in the Valley do feel that it would be like a Berlin wall.

The elaborate and lengthy fencing will be enormously costly. Real terrorists will figure out ways to get past it. It will give a false sense of security. And it will be a cause and source of great resentment. It will become an odious symbol in many eyes just like the Berlin wall, even if not a solid wall with zero passage.

And truly, as an American, the imagery of a fenced national border seems out of character for our country, to me anyway. I think it is a step in the wrong direction for our self-image as the unique land which is a beacon of hope to the world. I still believe in that beacon.

But I don't want anybody to be violating our laws with impunity. The employment of masses of undocumented immigrants through the payment of substandard wages is a disaster for everybody.

Busting employers who offer such employment is I think a much better way to stem the tide of undocumented immigrants than building a big fence/wall. They are coming for jobs and it is the only sensible way to eliminate the employment attraction that induces them to come.

A year or two worth of a list of big busts will establish real deterrence I believe. And it will provide I think an improved measure of respect for the impartial rule of law in our democracy.

Maybe we don't agree on this, and if so that's OK. I don't insist on lockstep agreement with everything I think and I don't think you do either. One of the famous Texans of our past said, "If any two people tell you they agree on everything, one of them is a liar."

The thing to look for in those who offer themselves for public service to their fellow citizens is not 100% agreement because there's no such thing if people are honest, but whether they honestly call it the way they see it, whether they talk straight about it, and whether they are willing to keep an open mind to differing viewpoints.

You're not getting straight shooting from Greg Abbott; you're getting a packaged and paid for bundle of consultants' scripts.

David Van Os

6:21 PM  

Anonymous CL SMITH said...

I'm not wanting to fence us in, I want to fence the ILLEGAL AlIEN out. They are NOT undocumented immigrants. They are law breakers and felons.You know who pays for the money they bleed us for. They jump on top of the welfare money like Buzzards on a fresh warm kill. All the entire ILLEGAL AILEN business is a disgust. Anchor babies, welfare, free medical, hospitals closing due to cost of treating them. Diseases that cross our border and some where they get the idea they are welcome to our neighborhoods. Crouch grabbibg, finger flipping, remarks from them standing on the cornors and in front of businesses.Can't read or speak English and don't want to. WE on these lists realize that agruculture is one of the largest offenders of this Illegal alien ordeal, but we all aren't Agruculture bound. I realize the difficulty in finding fresh fruits and produce that doesn't have Product of Mexico on it. These items doen't come in our homes. When a company is exposed for working the ILLEGAL AILEN, it goes on the boycott list...ASK Miller Brewing and Nestles and Nestle took care of the problem. Ask Tyson, Walmart,Prime meats, the list is endless...Ask Ford Motor and All State.

Bust law breaking employers? Your an attorney and are well aware of the laws and enforcing this one is not the only problem. Plug the holes and then we can deport and select want we want here.. I am and the lists is 100% behind you on the SPP and the Corridor, but we have other problems to go with it. People in the Valley, Texas is a big old state and there is a lot more to it than the valley.

I thank you for your time and will get this message sent to the Texas lists, we are running out of time to pick our canidate, thank you again.OH! we aren't worried about Gregg Abbott, we are worried about the border and the invasion of ILLEGAL AILENS, that is sucking our livelyhoods away and the drugs and crimes they bring with them.

8:10 PM  

Anonymous Shirley Adams said...

I believe Greg Abbott did this "unconstitutional performance" because he knows the voters he is targeting want change. I also believe this to be true on the other "questionable" things he's recently done.
The reason there is a heavy early voting turn out is not for the same old same, but for change!
Good for David Van Os, that Greg Abbott is doing these questionable things so close to election day.

6:01 PM  

Anonymous T. N. said...

What about legal immigrants who are already US Citizens and are disabled and was employed by Attorney Greg. I was unfairly terminated due to my disability, and I do not think he cares. He is handicapped himself, but he terminated one of his employees who was and can be a hard worker if given the chance. Grounds to sue, but no one in Harris County is willing to go up against the Federal Government. How fair is that?

5:29 AM  

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