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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dump the Corporate Pump

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If Connecticut and California can do it, so can Texas!

A couple of weeks ago the Connecticut Attorney General initiated an investigation of major oil companies' gasoline pricing tactics. Now the California Attorney General has also launched an investigation, publicly calling the outrageously high gasoline prices Californians are paying, "legal thievery."

California Attorney General Bill Lockyer also points out that when crude oil prices rose by 14 percent the refiners' profit margins increased by 130 percent -- a 900% disproportion. "Their claim is 'Oh, we're just passing along the world crude oil increase.' That's clearly not true," said Lockyer.

Why should the people of Connecticut and California get representation and not the people of Texas? When in blazes is somebody going to get up and fight the giant oil monopolies on behalf of the people of Texas?

More specifically, when is Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott going to perform his Constitutional duty to the people of Texas and take legal action on their behalf to protect them from getting pillaged and preyed upon by corporate thieves? We all know the answer to that question: NEVER.

By January of 2006 Abbott had raised 5.7 million dollars for his re-election campaign against me. I'm sure he's added another million by now. His money comes from the corporate and legal elite who love the smell of money a lot more than they love your democracy, and whose campaign contributions are nothing more than legalized protection money to make sure the State of Texas looks the other way while the 21st century robber barons continue their rampages.

Well I have got some news for the robber barons and their man Greg Abbott. The jig is up. Their money won't be enough because the people have had enough.

Let me restate my warning to Big Oil: You had better spend every penny you can to try to beat me in this year's election, because as soon as I get sworn in as the next Attorney General of Texas in January 2007, "I'm coming after you."

Good people of Texas, join me in this fight! Fight 'em till hell freezes over! Then fight 'em on the ice!

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