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Monday, May 08, 2006

Greg Abbott Takes Care of His Homebuilding Buddies

"I am mad as hell about our about government being run for the benefit of the privileged few. Chalk another one up for Corporate Mouthpiece Greg Abbott."

On Greg Abbott siding with homebuilders against consumers, David Van Os had this to say:

"I am mad as hell about our government being run for the benefit of the privileged few at the expense of everybody else.

"What a neat deal it must especially be to own the Attorney General of Texas. When Greg Abbott ruled this week that Comptroller General Carole Strayhorn had no right to investigate the Texas Residential Construction Commission, it was a grand payback for one of Greg's biggest financial supporters, Texas homebuilding tycoon Bob Perry.

"Never mind that the Comptroller's investigation revealed that 86% of Texas homeowners who used the TRCC process still had construction defects that were never repaired. Never mind that the TRCC, to quote the Comptroller, is a 'builders protection agency.'

"The important things for Greg Abbott are that Perry Homes is one of the hugest homebuilding companies in Texas, that owner Bob Perry is the single biggest financial contributor for Republican politicians in Texas, that Perry and his wife have given over $570,000 in political contributions to Abbott, and that Perry gave Abbott $50,000 in one payment on December 15, 2005 alone - when Perry would have to have known that the Comptroller's investigation was underway. (Rep. Swinford requested Abbott's opinion on December 16.)

"The Comptroller's report says what it says regardless of Greg Abbott's clumsy effort to rule it out of order. Abbott's homebuilder buddies are getting the meat and Texas home-buying consumers are getting the dry bones. Thus it has always been under the Greg Abbott Attorney Generalship. As John Cobarruvias, President of HADD Texas (Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings) puts it, 'If Abbott had investigated the homebuilding industry back when consumers asked him to, the Comptroller's investigation wouldn't have even been necessary.'

"Chalk another one up Corporate Mouthpiece Greg Abbott, protector of the powerful against the people!"

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