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Monday, February 12, 2007

Dare to Believe and Dare to Win

A good friend of mine lamented, "Even a politician with the very best intentions has to compromise integrity to the almighty dollar."

This is what the elitists of the Consultant & Donor Party WANT us to think.

It is NOT necessary to compromise integrity for the almighty dollar. I reject that premise.

Let us together reject the premise that the exercise of self-government has to entail inevitably the compromise of integrity. Let us all reject it, dear friends. Every moment in which we accept the premise that loss of integrity is inevitable, another citizen gives up on democracy because he or she cannot find reason to hope that the ideals of honest citizen self-government are achievable.

It was not fatalism or cynicism that motivated the revolutionaries of 1776 to believe in the impossible hope of defeating the Empire of Great Britain. They took on such a logically impossible venture because they were inflamed with their incredible twin vision of government by the consent of the governed, in a society that existed to further the universal rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They accepted impossible odds because they believed in their dream, not just as a dream, but as achievable reality.

What do we owe both our legacy and our posterity, if not to discard cynicism, and to offer our hearts to dream that monumental dream, and to believe in its possibilities the way uncounted numbers of quiet unsung patriots down through the years have dreamed and believed?

Dare to dream it. Dare to believe in it. Dare to speak for it. Dare to fight for it. Dare to achieve it.

posted by snarko! at 10:26 AM

Anonymous Ole' Yellow Dog said...

The money requirements are a result of the long campaigns that run in this country. We are now currently starting the Presdential Campaign 21 months before the election. The same campaign in England would last six months. The media outlets love this arragement because they make one hell of a lot of money and the Very Rich like it because they have bigger in put into the election process. We need to find a way to shorten the elections.

10:52 AM  

Blogger mpunfun said...

I hear you David. We have to reject them ALL and take our country back before there's nothing left to take back.

11:45 AM  

Anonymous Don Cook said...

As long as we allow money to be part of our electoral system all we have is democracy corrupted by plutocracy. We need to prohibit *all* private money in our elections. 230 years, seven months, and eight days after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, I say it's time we throw off all restraints and give democracy a chance.

12:27 PM  

Anonymous Bob Russell said...

Right on, David! Fight on; never give up.

1:02 PM  

Anonymous Leif Hatlen said...

In this article and in the four essays your wrote following the meeting with Boyd Ritchie you laid out the problem in excruciating detail: money and the influence of 'expert' consultants in the political process. But I can not see that you have a solution yet. Yes, 'Dare to Believe and Dare to Win' are great slogans but how are we going to do it. Can the people take back the political process? What are the practicalities? Can it be done on a statewide level? What are your thoughts? I hope you will keep on writing, because I think you are on to something, at least being willing to write about the problem and making us look at it.

5:18 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At times it is difficult to find trust and common sense in a hostile world where integrity is a very rare ingredient.

There are many specific issues that are very problematic to the Democratic and Republican parties. In brief,…

The Democratic Party is a coalition of special interests that panders to specific groups. Many of the special interests groups have a strong desire to get specific special treatment at the expense of the taxpayer. In this light, the Democratic Party is very similar to the Republican Party. Underlying all the ballyhoo there are certain people in control that want to funnel earmarks and contracts to their cronies.

You may have noticed that the descriptions used are “Ultra liberals” and “Ultra conservatives,” many of whom CAN be considered extremists. They hamper the moderation and rationality of each party.

What may be in order is the recognition of the fact that neither party really represents the interests of Middle America. One might want to financially support efforts and candiates that represet your aims rather than the party itself.

As the old saying goes, politics is like the making of sauage. The more you know what goes into making it, they less you may want to assocaiote yourself with it. If you get intimately involved in either party, you will find a huge amount of intolerance for their opponents. There are some very mean angry people in both parties. They cannot work for mutual solutions when always busy throwing stones.

One of the greatest problems in Texas as well as much of the country is the problem of immigration. Many want to real some real reform legislation that has teeth to protect American workers form the invasion of illegal aliens. Congressional representative John Culberson of Texas 7 is working in that direction. He has no real competition for his position and will probably be around for a very long time. Nick Lampson of Texas 22 is very weak on immigration reform and is for some type of amnesty program that would reward illegal aliens with clemency and citizenship. Nick has jointed with the Latino and Black caucuses to help the causes that are so dear to the minority interests. Folloe the money. It is not pretty. It is pandering.

Of significant importance.
This horrible war cannot be fixed without some resolve to address diplomacy and understanding all the full economic / political ramifications of the concerned parties. It takes politicians that can find their backbone and then to act for the most ethical appropriate path. It is not always easy or popular to be in the center. Nothing of any value is accomplished when twisting arms.

5:35 PM  

Anonymous Dee Guinn said...

David - I really admire your stand on integrity within our government. The question is how do you change this idea of compromised integrity that is so ingrained in our goverment? Perhaps you should send all of our comments to the congress and senate to let them know that Americans are tired of "government which is sold to the highest bidder.

9:21 AM  

Blogger TheHow said...

We must get the big money out of the election process by publicly financing all elections with spending limits. Until that change is made in the process all other changes are moot.
You should not win an election simply because you had the ability to outspend your opponent and get your name/message out. This is not what our forefathers had in mind. Keep up the good fight David even if you have to wrap up!

11:43 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our government rings true the statement money is the root of all evil. When we start to reject the bells and whistles of big money spenders and look beyound the surface to see what they really have to offer to the every day common worker and VOTE our hearts this madness will stop.

I voted for you then Mr. David Van O and I'll be voting for you on your next round.

9:25 PM  

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