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Monday, October 03, 2005

Don't Blame the Victims

San Antonio lawyer David Van Os, candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for Texas Attorney General in 2006, made the following statement about gasoline prices:

"The newspapers are telling us consumers what we already know. People who work for a living are being squeezed to death by the price of gasoline. Every day the price of gasoline is causing people to fall further behind on paying their bills and to sink further into debt. Meanwhile, oil company profits are climbing out of sight; and the resulting bank profits on credit card interest are going off the chart.

"Who is profiting off the outrageous gasoline prices? Not us, that's for sure. Who is hurting? Not the oil companies and the banks, that's for sure. And not the politicians who are hogs in the trough of corporate money for their self-promoting re-election campaigns.

"You know it's bad when East and West Texas roughnecks who pull the oil out of the ground for the rest of us can't afford the gasoline to get to the drilling sites to do their jobs pulling the oil out of the ground!

"So now the newspapers and the politicians tell us that we just need to drive less and spend less. There's something wrong with this picture.

"The honest citizens who work for a living aren't the ones making the outrageous profits, and they aren't the ones using political positions to cover up for their corporate cronies. To tell the people who are getting hurt the most that it's up to them to change their ways is to blame the victims for the crime. I think it's time to blame the criminals.

"The Texas Constitution gives the people of Texas a lawyer to represent the public interest against the self-interests of the greedy and powerful. That lawyer is called the Attorney General, and the Constitution says he is supposed to watch over the activities of powerful corporations and make sure they don't abuse the laws of Texas. The Constitution and laws of Texas make monopolies and price gouging illegal. Where is the incumbent Republican Attorney General of Texas? Where is anybody lifting an arm on behalf of the good people of Texas against Big Oil's pilferage of the people's pocketbooks?

"It's probably too much to ask an insider Republican like the incumbent Attorney General to turn on his corporate benefactors. Since he can't fight for the people, the people need to find a lawyer who will. The elections of 2006 will be high time to hire a People's Lawyer to be the next Attorney General of Texas."

posted by snarko! at 7:06 PM

Anonymous Clyde Doyal Lakeway said...

Very Good. At last a democrat that is not afraid to speak the truth and stand up for Texans.

10:45 AM  

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