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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Stench of Political-Corporate Corruption

San Antonio lawyer David Van Os, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for Texas Attorney General in the 2006 elections, issued this statement today on the indictment of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas:

"It is a sad day for our great country when a public prosecutor of impeccable reputation finds cause to indict the Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives for criminal conspiracy to corrupt the political processes by which the people govern themselves in our great democracy. It is an even sadder day for the great state of Texas when the accused is a Congressman from Texas and the indictment charges that felonies were committed in the capital city of Texas for the purpose of corrupting Texas elections.

"For much too long a time, unholy connections between the financial power of corporate money and the political power of self-serving politicians have produced bucketfuls of slime whose putrid stink fouls our noble experiment in self-government. In this first and greatest of Constitutional democracies, every branch and level of government belongs exclusively to the people. The people are the government. When power-hungry politicians and money-hungry corporations join together to hijack the public instruments of government so as to promote private gain for themselves and their cronies, they betray the very essence of free government and breach every trust reposed in government by its owners, the people.

"The stink of special-interest government is not a partisan problem; it is a problem for all and a crisis for democracy. Self-promoting politicians and their corporate allies who subvert democratic institutions into tools of self-serving power must be exterminated like pests wherever they infect the houses of self-government. Government at all levels and in all branches must be restored to the people. This is a moral imperative of our time.

"Those who cry, 'Politics!' over today's indictment do not know Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle. Those of us who know him know that he is a public prosecutor of peerless integrity. With Ronnie Earle, justice is scrupulously nonpartisan, unless you want to call him a partisan for the public interest. The historical record will show that the public figures he has prosecuted include many more Democrats than Republicans, such as a popular Democratic Attorney General of Texas and a powerful Democratic Speaker of the Texas House. All Texans and Americans who love democracy should applaud the unfailing courage of Ronnie Earle in pursuing the interests of the people against the self-interests of the powerful.

"The relationships between Congressman DeLay and his corporate cronies did not grow in a vacuum. For too long we the people have been far too permissive and forgiving about the evils of political and corporate cronyism. We must all join together to cleanse the stench of self-dealing from every nook and cranny of the body politic."

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